Sowia Dolina

Eat, drink & sleep

 Sowia Dolina is known not only for its charming atmosphere, but also for its wide range of leisure activities. It is the ideal place for lovers of mountain adventures and quiet moments away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


We act for you
for over 25 years

For us, Owl Valley is more than just a hotel - we want our guests to feel comfortable experiencing something unique and special.

Our charming venue offers intimate training sessions for groups of 10-15 people, and our restaurant encourages intimate wedding ceremonies in the garden, truffle dinners, wine tastings and even sausage fires - all depending on our guests' preferences.

We are proud to have welcomed business guests from all corners of the world over 26 years, including Brazil, Thailand, Denmark, France, Italy, the USA and many other places. Some of our oldest corporate clients include renowned companies such as Broen A/S, Harris Calorific, Lincoln Electric, Cooper Standard, Metalis, Nvent, however, working with any company is very important to us and we value every Guest who uses our services.

Sowia Dolina is a place that not only offers accommodation, but focuses on intimacy, uniqueness and a professional approach to guest service. We want to be a place for you to experience more than just a standard 'hotel' stay.
Frank Enözel


We are a member of the IGHP
By participating in IGHP, we not only join forces with other entrepreneurs, but also actively support the development and promotion of our industry.
Extensive range of accommodation
Whether you want to visit us on your own, with your family or in a larger group, our wide range of rooms will ensure that you find the perfect place to relax in a mountainous setting.
Rated 9.3/10 on
The rating we have maintained on for over 10 years confirms that our efforts bring satisfaction to our guests, resulting in a positive experience during their stay.
Rated 4.6/5 on
This is an acknowledgement from people who have shared their impressions with the wider online community. We thank you for your trust and welcome anyone looking for a unique place to visit Owl Valley.

Average rating 9.3/10 on

You have rated us 515 times, we have maintained such a high rating for our services for over 10 years.
"(...) Rooms very spacious and well equipped, and breakfast tasty and varied. The staff take great care of the guests - although we were out of season and arrived very late, we were still able to sit quietly in the restaurant over a bottle of wine from the owner's own vineyard!"
"(...) hotel sensationally located, as a base for excursions and walks into the mountains ideal. In every direction you can approach / drive and visit something interesting. Room clean and tidy, although the very atmosphere of the room not very modern, the bathroom smelled clean, shower tray, toilet etc very clean and well maintained. (...)"
"Beautiful little hotel in a picturesque location. Clean, very cosy room with terrace. Delightful decor of the hotel, cute owls at every step. (...) Owners friendly, smiling presence in the hotel. Proximity to hiking trails. My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend. We will definitely return more than once."
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