A wonderful celebration of our mothers

On this day, we think of our Mothers with special gratitude. We admire their perseverance, dedication and love, filling every day of our childhood. We recall the warmth of the family home and the smile of a mother who always managed to find time to listen to us and comfort us. Mother's Day is also a unique opportunity to emphasise the value of the traditionally understood family and the role in life [...]


Pre-May offer - first minute

First Minute offer - an alternative pre-May offer for those who appreciate a more economical and peaceful version of their stay with us. Date: 28.04.- 01.05.2024r - 3 nights' accommodation in a comfortably furnished room - 3 buffet breakfasts with a choice of hot dishes - 2 two-course dinners - 1 entry to the loggia - 1 entry to the sauna [...].


Women's Day in the Owl Valley

As part of our special 'Only for Ladies' offer, we provide you with a full package of luxury amenities that will allow you to break away from everyday life and sink into blissful relaxation.


Easter relaxation in the Owl Valley

Are you already planning your Easter holidays? If so, we have a proposal for you that will allow you to take a break from everyday life and enjoy unforgettable moments in the Owl Mountains.


The perfect gift for Valentine's Day

No idea for Valentine's Day? Don't worry, you'll find everything you need at Owl Valley.


Valentine's Day in the Owl Valley ❤️

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Owl Valley on two dates. This year we are inviting you to enjoy a very special Valentine's Day during two magical weekends in February.


Owl Valley 6h run

Seeing our guests winning more medals at competitions held in the Owl Mountains has long given us the idea of becoming a partner in one of them.
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